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A Blind American Visits Quebec In This Clever, Inspired Tourism Ad

May 6th, 2016 by admin | Filed under Blog.

A Blind American Visits Quebec..

How often do you see tourists roaming around famous places, trying their level best to capture as many ‘perfect’ pictures as possible? It has almost become a second nature of the modern day traveler and since almost everyone is doing it, we do not even notice it anymore.

Travel is not just about taking the perfect selfie, it is much more than that. This is exactly the core message behind this beautifully shot video from agency lg2 for Tourisme Québec. Appropriately titled “Blind Love”, the video depicts the travel story of an American name Danny Kean, who has been blind since birth.

This is Danny’s first time in Québec and the video captures the journey perfectly while he explores the city’s amazing spots – flying in a helicopter, riding river rapids, kayaking alongside whales, zip-lining over Montmorency Falls and exploring the province’s francophone cities. The spot seems to have hit the right cord amongst many travel enthusiasts especially in U.S, France and Canada. To date, the video has garnered about 13 million views across English and French Language.

The fact that the video has gone ‘viral’ is no surprise, though. It is a brilliant mix of expertly shot action sequences coupled with unexpectedly emotional, quieter moments. The video’s beautiful music which follows the rhythm of the cinematography further enhances the overall experience. There’s no dialogue in the video except for one sentence, which without a doubt justifies its inclusion.

You know there is a reason why people close their eyes when they kiss, when they cry, and when they pray because the most essential things in life must be felt with our hearts.”

The mere fact that a person can have so much fun without even seeing the place should be enough to sell Québec as your next summer travel destination!   (You may also want to check out his documentry.) Ryan Daniels

Check out the breathtaking spot here:

“Traveling – it leaves you speachless then turns you into a story teller”


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