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What Is House Sitting Academy? – House Sitting Jobs Abroad

July 4th, 2016 by admin | Filed under Blog.

So What is House Sitting?

Actually house sitting is a relatively new term to most, however, this shared economy phenomenon has been gaining serious attention over the past few years due to the slew of benefits it provides to all parties involved. At its core, house sitting works by providing an opportunity to home owners to leave their house to someone who will be responsible for taking care of their belongings and pets as they travel abroad for business or pleasure. In exchange for this, the house sitter – who is also a traveler – gets the opportunity to stay in a new place free of cost while enjoying a home like environment away from home.

What is House Sitting Academy?

House Sitting Academy is a unique product built by two experienced house sitters – Nat and Jodie – who are considered pioneers of the house sitting economy and run a facebook group of over 11,000 likeminded house sitters from around the world. This Academy aims to gather the combined wisdom and experience of these house sitters and put it into a step by step system that any aspiring house sitter can follow. The course is available in the form of online videos and includes everything a newbie needs to kickstart his or her house sitting journey.


Benefits of House Sitting Academy

House Sitting Academy gives you the confidence and know how to easily use house sitting to travel the world and save thousands of dollars on hotel costs – which are usually the biggest expenditure for any traveler. This Academy teaches you how to be like an expert and someone who knows what he’s doing, allowing you better chances at house sitting gigs in exotic places. It teaches you exactly what to do once you are successful in getting a house sitting gig. It equips you with knowledge on how to fully perform your duties as a house sitting AND make time for your own needs and wishes at the same time.

This is a fantastic ‘getting started’ resource learn more..

“Love paying nothing for your accommodation as you travel? We did too, and that is why we started House Sitting Academy!” Nat and Jodie
Members of the House Sitting Academy get access to exclusive features that alone make up for its cost.
.‘Inner Circle’ Private Referral Network
With this, members enjoy top level international referral house sits and personal recommendations to homeowners as well as 24/7 direct support from the Support Tribe.

Academy Member and Graduate Badges
Members get a House Sitting Academy badge upon joining and another badge after graduating from the academy. These badges immediately make the members stand out and making it easier to get house sitting gigs.

This is a very cool find.. no doubt it will open your eyes as to how so many others are doing this and getting to live like a local in some amazing destinations around the world. Ryan Daniels

Check this awesome opportunity out today and learn more..


“Traveling – it leaves you speachless then turns you into a story teller”


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  1. I have been taking a tour of TripTrekee and I am loving what I see keep up the good work excellent posts especial this one on House sitting what a marvellous idea for those that Love to travel. Your friend Linda

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