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Tips for an affordable African safari

September 19th, 2016 by admin | Filed under Blog.

Every now and then we switch to National Geographic channel to see the almost lifelike images of wild animals grazing the tropical rain-forests of Africa and prancing around with their herds and flocks. But to experience this in real life is something beyond the television can ever portray. If you are an animal lover and have spent most of your life dreaming about a safari expedition to the thick forests of Africa, then you are in luck, because we have compiled a listed of practical tips for a very affordable African safari expedition which will cost you nothing more than a regular holiday trip. Although the thrill and adventure will be a lot more than your regular holiday trip. So browse down to make your dream of the safari expedition come true, even on a low budget.



1. Plan your affordable African safari during the off-season

The most popular season for a safari trip is the dry season. Flocks of tourists can be spotted with their binoculars, scrutinizing every move of the wild animals which may have congregated around a water source. But if you want to make your trip economic, then plan the safari during the off-season when the rent and other expenses are easily 25-30% lower. The off-season is usually expanded over the wetter months of April to June when Africa receives its usual torrential summer rains. But do not let the rain bother you because it’s usually short-lived and will keep the heat on a low. The off-season is birth-giving time for some animals, so you may get to see their young ones as well. Not a bad deal for a very economical trip, right?

2. Choose an inexpensive camp

Africa may be among the most underdeveloped regions of the world, but some of its hotels, safari camps and lodges take the word ‘luxurious’ to a whole new level. Furnished according to the latest trends, these 5-star camps will cost you nothing less than a grand per night. Howbeit, there are some reasonably comfortable and well-furnished apartments which are available at very reasonable rates. The tricky part is to find these economical camps. The smart way of doing this is to research extensively on iSafari. It’s a recently-launched easy-to-use database which accommodates well-researched information on nine safari countries and the safari camps located in these countries. The database has a collection of over several hundred camps which are categorized according to their facilities and their prices.

3. Opt for mobile camping

If you are running on a low budget and cannot afford an expensive and luxurious safari camp, then opt for mobile camping. It is definitely more fun and will not be a burden on your pocket. There can be two options to enjoy mobile camping:

a) Fully serviced camping safaris

b) Participatory camping safaris

In the first type, the camping company will pitch in the tent for you and provide you cooked meals while you camp from place to place. If this option appeals you, then check the services provided by the company Wilderness Dawning.

In the case of participatory camping safaris, you will have to do everything on your own; from pitching in your tent to cooking your meals and occasionally running to the market to purchase an everyday item. This option can be even more economic than the first one.

4. Self-drive Safari

Assemble a nice little challenge for the independent adventurer inside you by making the trip completely on your own. It will require thorough research of the African safari, a well-labeled map, a guidebook and, at some stage, a field guide as well. But exploring the mysterious jungles of Africa at your own pace will definitely be more adventurous and a lot more economic.

5. Volunteer for a safari

If you have a good record of philanthropic work, or if you are a seasoned photographer, then volunteer for a safari expedition. Visit a multi-award winning volunteer travel organization for volunteer experiences, as it offers around 65 short-spanned volunteering programs in 10 different places around Africa. This organization looks for individuals who can contribute to its animal welfare programs like conservation of elephants in Namibia, resuscitation of lions in Zambia and community development projects in Kenya. Not only will it help in keeping the cost of your expedition to a minimum, but it will also be a great addition to the list of your volunteering experiences which will make your resume look even better.

Our experiences, especially when we leave our comfort zones and travel to far off places with different
cultures and social fabric, is what really defines us as a person and gives us a new perspective on life. An affordable African Safari is definitely an option! By Ryan Daniels


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